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At FBB Capital Partners, we believe every investor has unique goals and preferences.

This Risk Preference Questionnaire is the first step in our firm's investment process, and will help us define important factors such as your investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance under different market conditions.

The Questionnaire builds the foundation for the next step in the investment process, determining an appropriate mix of portfolio assets. Based on your responses to the following questions and more in-depth discussion with our investment professionals, FBB Capital Partners will recommend an asset allocation strategy tailored to your personal circumstances.

Please carefully consider each question, and answer based on your current situation. Unless you advise us otherwise, FBB Capital Partners will assume your responses are made on behalf of all your related accounts, and a single collective strategy will be recommended for your total assets under management.

Note that you will not receive an immediate "score" upon completion of the questionnaire, as the questionnaire is only one component of our approach to helping meet your financial goals. Rather, our portfolio management team will review your answers and fine tune our recommendations based on your results and our subsequent discussions with you. We believe this consultative approach will help us better serve your needs.